It's Time for the Motivator! 40 Achievement Principles for Maximizing your Full Potential

Click here for more information about " Its Time for the Motivator"

Click here for more information about "Its Time for the Motivator"

A cursory narrative of my life’s story begins with being born to a teen mother and absent father; and ultimately raised by my maternal aunt and 4thgrade-educated grandmother under very difficult socio-economic conditions.  Living in a lower-income neighborhood also relegated me to attend statistically underperforming public schools.  Nevertheless, I pause to extend my gratitude to extended family, teachers, early childhood church youth leaders, mentors, and community dance and drama program coaches for giving me the best of the best of what they had to offer.  I wholeheartedly contend that their collective influences gave me the courage to choose the road less traveled.  Their teachings and guidance ultimately resulted in me being the recipient of academic scholarships to top-ranking universities, landing coveted positions in prestigious government and corporate organizations, and receiving professional honors and accolades.   Over the years I have had the privilege to network with powerful, prestigious women and executives, and rubbed shoulders with industry and community leaders, government officials and even celebrities. Yes, this little girl from the hood was living the life of a person who seemingly overcame insurmountable odds and obstacles – from poverty to peak achievements, or so I thought.  I remember vividly the day and perhaps even the exact hour my journey along the road less traveled veered into the proverbial “valley of the shadow of death.” What I feared most during that dark period is all that I had accomplished and worked vehemently to overcome would now land me in the “mediocre middle.”  I longed for more but didn’t quite know how to break away from the middle of the pack without being socially isolated and selling my soul to fiercely compete in the cut-throat culture of corporate America.  Don’t get me wrong, the middle of the road is both financially and socially comfortable; however I knew I had far more potential than to settle for the “ordinary average.” While existing in the valley someone suggested that I read Iyanla Vanzant's book, “One Day My Soul Just Opened Up.”  It was my first exposure to spiritual life counseling. Being a staunch student and lifelong learner, I committed to complete the 40 days and 40 nights of homework recommended by Vanzant.  Through intense insightful reflection I came to the realization there is value in the valley and a purpose for every struggle.  Coincidentally, Vanzant later published a book titled, “Value in the Valley.” At the conclusion of the 40 days of soul-searching I felt lighter and invigorated, and emerged with greater clarity concerning: (1) who I was (at that time); (2) what I was not, and perhaps most importantly; (3) who I could become through commitment and perseverance to rise beyond the valley of mediocrity.   All the challenges and hardships that originally led to shame, resentment, guilt, anger, and fear of the future were converted to confidence, courage, faith, fortitude, optimism, and an unparalleled resolve to press forward to reach my full potential.  Throughout the years I have consciously incorporated Vanzant’s spiritual principles into my own daily living.  The process of reading, studying, practicing, and sharing outcomes with others eventually morphed into a workshop where I share 40 achievement principleswithin the life-changing concepts of: (1) inspiration; (2) reconciliation; (3) confirmation; (4) transformation; and (5) motivation.  The end result of studying Vanzant’s works, reading hundreds of books, and studying the lives of high achieving people also gave birth to “Dr. Quinn Motivates” – my own brand of life coaching and motivation.  After penning this book I noted the acronyms used over the five chapters ironically add up to 40 achievement principles. I view this as a significant connection since it reminds me of the 40 days and 40 nights I spent internalizing the 40 principles presented by Vanzant in “One Day My Soul Just Opened Up.”  The motivational summaries and workbook activities that follow draw heavily from my studies on highly successful people.  As a gift to you I transformed the works of others into tools, templates, and activities to make the 40 achievement principlespertinent for you.  It is my hope that you will do the work to change everything blocking you from living a life of amazing creativity and high achievement in direct proportion to your God-given talents and potential.  


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